March 31st, 2013



I had a dream last night about what i think was the guy i liked. Same thing happened, we hung out once then after that plans didn't seem to work. I think someone talked to him in my dream though because he left a note on the front doors, and he was standing there and we proceeded to make out before i woke up. The doors looked like the brady bunch's front doors which was weird.

I hate how i have dreams about guys i like this. I won't lie, i really miss talking to him all the time like we did. I guess if he wants to he will though. Part of me thinks he wouldn't want to talk to me anymore, i can hear him saying how silly i am for thinking that.

When we first started talking he said he didn't think he was cool enough to hold a conversation with me. I thought he wouldn't reply if i tried talking.

It's weird, over the years we go back and forth between talking and not talking. Something will have to click sooner or later with us.

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